The Project



A week after being publicly announced on the internet, On Thursday the 28th  of July 2011 The painting  Ribba 16” (2011) by artist Leonardo Vargas was made visible once for the first and only time in its existence .  The painting was broadcasted on line  for Five minutes live from Het Oog at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After its on line performance, the painting was archived and stored to never be shown again. The Broadcast took place at 14:10 local time in Einhoven (CET) . This transmission was executed simultaneously by De Hoeksteen Live! and 1914 on At the same moment, a special guest was  following and reporting the event on real time via Twitter from De Hoeksteen Live! twitter account.

The painting existed only for five minutes on the internet leaving as remains the memories of the audience who witnessed the event, and the texts from the live report that performed and documented a particular experience. 

Read the report here.


A couple of short shots of the moments previous the broadcast can be seen here :


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  1. […] “.wav / 12 paintings for Radio” (a painting exhibition Live from Resonance 104.4 fm, London) is a Project by former resident Artist Leonardo Vargas and part of a series of other projects proposing a reflection on the notion of Presence in painting (/02-25-11/,  and  Ribba 16″ -a5-minute painting live from the Van Abbemuseum-). […]

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